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You are the CEO of Your Child’s Education!

You are the CEO of your Child's EducationIt is so easy to feel intimidated during the IEP process. This is particularly true if there is a disagreement with your child’s school. But remember, you are in charge of your child’s education. Through IDEA, Congress has granted parents specific rights to make sure that your voice is being heard.

You, the parent, have the right to request or reject evaluations. You have the right to be at all IEP meetings. You also have the right to accept or reject IEP team findings and proposals. If there is a disagreement, you also have important due process rights to resolve differences.

Just as a CEO might have a vision for her company, you have a vision for your child’s education. Your vision for your child should be encapsulated in the actual IEP. You have the right to bring your hopes and concerns to the IEP table. The more you participate in the process, the more the team will understand and be responsive to your vision.

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